About Me

My name is Pamela and I have recently discovered that I am an intuitive empath Tarot reader. Although I have always had the ability to connect with people energetically, especially those in vulnerable situations. I never realized how much of a gift this was until I started learning to read Tarot. I now realize that I can use my ability along with Tarot to help people in a unique way, and that is so rewarding to me.  Everyone needs help in one way or another way. Even me…So, it is my pleasure to offer this service.  My method of reading Tarot is to provide a perspective on a specific circumstance. You see, most people know the answer to the questions they ask. They just need some gentle guidance and compassion to feel empowered to make those decisions for themselves. Sort of like an objective outside source empowering them to take action pursuing their goal for true happiness.   I hope you "feel" a connection with me and decide to purchase a reading. I am sure you won't be disappointed. It is okay, if you decide that I am not the right person for you to get a reading from, I will still keep you in the center of my light.  

 Be Well, Be Happy, Just Be...



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