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I prepare for each reading by giving my undivided attention to totally focus on my client. I will not be judgmental or discriminate against a client regardless of race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. It begins with me entering my private physical space where I can be totally isolated in order to concentrate on the question asked.  I sit quietly until my mind is clear of all noise.  I softly repeat the question to myself while shuffling the cards in a methodical manner. Once I feel I have connected energetically, I stop shuffling the cards.  Then, I hover my hand over the cards and feel for the " right ones" and make my selection.  I become aware of images that appear in my mind, sounds that I hear in my environment, and/or sensations I may feel in my body. I then listen carefully as the cards speak to me while I translate by writing the story that is being told to me. Once the reading is complete I perform a ritual to release the clients energy from me, and I thoroughly cleanse the cards. This could be a knock on the cards, or lighting sage and candles. I believe in the effects of the full moon on our lives and practice full moon rituals regularly.  I do believe in magic and I also believe that magic lives in each of us through intuition. You should know, I –say- it like I feel it; hear it; see it!   I don't pretend to prevent hurt feelings. That would not be truthful or ethical and it is certainly not what you are paying me to do for you.  . I sincerely welcome all feedback as this allows me to continue to strengthen my skills and abilities. 


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